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Sourcing Coffee Is Our Passion

Brewing Advice

For us here at Midnight, we respect coffee for having a unique relationship with every person that drinks it. Your morning coffee ritual is your own, and nobody else’s.

To truly enjoy our coffee, you don’t have to do anything special or extra. Fit Midnight Coffee into your morning routine in the place of what you’re drinking, and we can assure you it will be a great tasting, high quality brew.

However, if you are looking for some benchmarks or recipes to brew by, we’ve provided some ideas for you below. Please keep in mind these are simply guidelines and by no means strict rules for you to follow. We encourage you to experiment with your brew until it tastes best to you.

We’ve crafted our coffee in such a manner that it can be flexible, and taste delicious under a variety of circumstances. So, whether you’re pressing a button on an automatic brewer, plunging a French press, or swirling over a pour over, you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

So long as it’s Midnight, you’re drinking better coffee.

Automatic Brewers

A good rule of thumb for an automatic brewer is to maintain a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. We’ve experimented and found for us, this benchmark makes some really great coffee. Here’s some examples:

French Press

For a French Press, we opt to maximize the big and full body the press provides by sticking with the same 1:15 ratio. We’ll preheat our French press, add the appropriate amount of coarse ground coffee, fill the press with the appropriate amount of water, let it sit for between 3 and 4 minutes, the gently plunge the press and pour the coffee into our preheated mug.

Pour Over

A great method for producing a clean, sweet cup of coffee, we maintain the same 1:15 coffee to water balance. When we make pour overs, we’ll put our filter into the cone and the cone on top of our mug. Then we’ll splash some hot water into the cone to alleviate some of the papery taste and preheat the cone and mug. Once we’ve dumped our water out of our mug, we add the appropriate amount of finely ground coffee. Our first pour of water is just a splash onto the grounds to release some undesired gasses, then we do about three more incremental pours after that until our cup is filled with as much coffee as we like.

There’s quite literally dozens and dozens of different ways to make coffee. Chemex, Clever, espresso machines, and Aeropress to name a few. If you ever have any questions on our advice for these brewing methods, you can drop us a line and we’re happy to answer.

Remember, the only thing that matter is that your coffee tastes good to YOU.

Roasting Philosophy

Our philosophy on roasting is simple: We take fresh, high-quality green coffee and through a balance of air flow, gas pressure, thermal energy, and drum speed we roast and develop a delicious product.

We develop all our coffees on a 1 kilo roaster from Mill City Roasters. That means we’re roasting in very, very small batches. So small that we’re able to maintain the varietal characteristics that are inherent within the coffee, while still imparting our own flavor profile through roasting.

 For us, it’s important to roast coffees that can be consumed by anyone. Creating financially approachable specialty coffee with a flavor profile that doesn’t challenge the consumer is why we started Midnight.

The coffees we roast are sweet enough to drink black, and have enough body to take milk and sugar and still hold their own. One of our favorite things about coffee is that it’s an individual experience. Everyone interacts with their coffee in a unique way, and to pay homage to that we roast coffee that will fit into anyone’s morning coffee ritual.

Our coffee is strong and easy to drink at the same time. We’re absolutely militant about producing a consistent product. Our batch sizes and variables stay the same roast to roast.

You can count on Midnight Coffee to be there for you every morning.


We purchase all our green coffee in small, 65 lb. boxes from the Genuine Origin Coffee Project. The coffee comes to us in grain pro bags, sealed to ensure maximum freshness and preservation from any undesired outside forces. With boxes this small, the green coffee you’re getting doesn’t sit around anyone’s warehouse for months on end. It’s fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

The global coffee market is a vast and immensely pluralistic economic beast, with dozens of different trade models all which claim to benefit the farmer the most. There’s lots of different certifications and promises from various organizations and roasters and importing companies, and we’re certainly not knocking things like organic or direct trade.

However, a certification isn’t enough to really impact that lives of the farmers in these communities across the world. There isn’t a single certification that can ever do enough, and us being a small micro-roastery, it’s arrogant to think we could provide more resources to the producers that importing companies dedicated to doing just that.

After communicating with many importing companies, we found Genuine Origin to be our favorite. Backed by the extensive infrastructure of Volcafe, Genuine Origin creates projects and investment strategies in every major coffee producing country across the world. Rather than relying on certifications, G.O. tackles each community as a unique micro chasm, and we support that kind of long term, relationship based sustainability more than any certification.

The coffee you’re getting is sourced with respect thanks to Genuine Origin. Buying a bag of Midnight Coffee supports a century-long relationship between our importing partners and the communities they reside within.