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Mission Statement:
“Our mission is to source, craft, and share coffee that will enrich the life of each individual who connects with it.”

About Us:

Midnight Coffee Roasting was born in a garage in Santa Cruz, with father and son team Craig and Graeson Leach roasting coffee and riding skateboards until someone was crazy enough to buy our first bag.

We started this company because we love coffee. We fall asleep at night animated at the thought of that first cup hitting our lips come sunrise. There’s a unique power that exists in the connection between an individual and their coffee, and throughout this caffeine-fueled ride we call life, we couldn’t connect with a company or a coffee that really understood that power we felt.

So, we started roasting coffee. Our goal is to create a coffee that fills its fortunate consumer with an overwhelming sense of empowerment, familiarity, and belonging. After searching high and low around the world’s coffee producing countries, we’ve come to develop some coffees that taste of an unparalleled quality, and we’re here to share those coffees with you.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, and however you are, our coffee will make you feel at home. It’s the kind of coffee that makes you remember why you fell in love with coffee in the first place. And if you haven’t yet, well, you’re in for a wild ride come your first sip of Midnight Coffee.

Our coffee makes room for everyone to have their own experience with it, and for that experience to take them places they never imagined they could go. So grab a cup of Midnight Coffee, turn that dial to 11, and show the world what you’re made of.

Thanks for listening to our story. We love hearing about the journeys coffee takes our friends. If you have a story you’d like to share with us, contact us here or find us on social media.

About Graeson:

Graeson’s energy is a boundless as his passion for great coffee. From a young age he was fascinated with creating great relationships with people, the intricacies behind an amazing cup of coffee, and skateboarding. From sports, to music, to leadership, to just being that one friend everyone wants to hang out with. None of that has changed. Often, you can find him doing all three of those things at the same time (don’t spill your coffee during that kick flip). Along with adding his unique humor to the recipe as well. Graeson’s love of coffee and his passion for people has led him on some great journeys, including this one. You won’t find someone else as driven to produce the best cup of coffee possible, and you won’t find a better person to share it with.  

About Craig:

You’d be far-fetched to find anyone who drinks as much coffee as Craig does. It’s quite possible he’s been caffeinated all 43 years of his existence. Craig’s professional and private life has been characterized by a restless work ethic, unwavering drive, and most importantly a fervent devotion to his family and friends. Since 1990, Craig has been involved in the service industry, managing and owning various businesses along the way. His career as a professional hasn’t stopped him from developing long-lasting relationships with some incredible individuals throughout his journey. On any given day, you’re likely to find Craig showing his kids as much of the world as he can through travel and through stories. If you ever find yourself walking past a suburban home and catch the scent of coffee, the sounds of punk rock music, and the sight of paint glistening on a ‘64 Ford Galaxie, you’ve just entered the lion’s den buddy. And you’re damn right you better stay off his lawn.