MCR Holiday Coffee Pack
MCR Holiday Coffee Pack

Naughty or Nice Holiday Pack


Limited Naughty or Nice Holiday Pack with 12oz MCR Coffee Mug





How bad have you been this year?

We reward the naughty here at MCR. If you like dark roasted coffee, you’ll love this bold blend of Sumatran and Colombian coffees.

Naughty is specially crafted to give you all the things you love about dark coffee, plus a little extra. When brewing you’ll get the aroma of fresh cut cedar wood, and when drinking we tasted dark chocolate and spices. The coffee feels rich and thick in your mouth, and finishes with a little brightness towards the end.

Keep it extra naughty this holiday with a coffee that’s ready to get down and dirty.


So you’ve been good all year huh? Think you deserve to have a present under the chimney? This light roast blend of Guatemalan and Colombian may just be for you.

We blended Nice so that all the flavors you associate with winter time really come out to play. This coffee tastes strongly of almonds and vanilla, keeping it a balance between nutty and sweet. Just the way we like it.

Treat your taste buds and reward yourself for a year of (mostly) good behavior with a coffee that’s as sweet as you are.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 2.75 in

Whole Beans, Coarse (French Press, Cold Brew), Medium Coarse (Percolator, Vacuum Pot), Medium (Chemex, Clever Dripper, Automatic Coffee Makers with a flat bottom filter, Keurig), Fine (Pour Over, Aeropress, Melita, Automatic Coffee Makers with cone filters), Extra Fine (Espresso Machine, Moka Pot)


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