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Midnight Espresso Blend

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At the very core of our mission as a company, we strive to craft approachable products with familiar and relatable flavors. There is perhaps no better example of this in our current lineup than our Midnight Espresso Blend. The blend is a measured mixture of dark roast beans from the wild and hilly lands of Chontali, Peru and medium roast beans from Chiapas Highlands in Mexico.

With this espresso we aim to give a low acidity, big bodied alternative to many of the bright and acidic espresso blend common today. When pulled as an espresso shot, you’ll taste the sweet flavor of caramel and cedar up front, and a dark smokiness in the finish. It’s delicious as a straight espresso shot, americano, or in your favorite milk-based beverage. In addition, it makes a lovely cup of brewed coffee as well. This espresso blend is a lot like the best espresso blend you’ve ever had, except better.

Midnight Espresso Blend is part of our MCR Green program. MCR Green is about doing what we can to support an infrastructure that brings both profit and prosperity to the coffee producers, in addition to supporting high quality and organically grown coffee. All of our coffee is sourced from the Genuine Origin Coffee Project, but MCR Green coffees also carry the distinction of being certified organically grown.

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Whole Beans, Coarse (French Press, Cold Brew), Medium Coarse (Percolator, Vacuum Pot), Medium (Chemex, Clever Dripper, Automatic Coffee Makers with a flat bottom filter, Keurig), Fine (Pour Over, Aeropress, Melita, Automatic Coffee Makers with cone filters), Extra Fine (Espresso Machine, Moka Pot)


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